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Hello everyone Welcome ,

Today I am going to show you, how I build a "Racing Game Simulator" with the help of Arduino UNO.

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This is the build blog, So let's make it.

So as this project work on Arduino Uno its is very simple to make it, first you have to make your Arduino as a joystick controller device by going to this site you will know how its work.

I have uploaded video on you tube of both testing and building of this project and also uploading hole simulator build

Step 1: Components

Arduino Uno x 1.

Potentiometer x 3.

Some push Buttons.

Step 2: Mechanical Parts

Pillow block Ball Bearing * x 2

Metal pipe

plywood cut-out

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

Step 4: Construction

Step 5: Operation

its operation is simple bunch of potentiometer use for input as X Y Z axis.

X axis is use for steering control.

Y axis is use for Brake control.

Z axis is use for Accelerator Control.

There are one additional parameter called "Z rotation" which is use for clutch.

switch are use as multifunction switch depending upon the game.
Their are three potentiometer X Y Z axis as follow

Step 6: Final Testing

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