Ever dreamt of designing your own fancy gaming console?The solution for your quench less thirst lies here.I wonder whether we can use the optical mouse as steering console for games which have the provision for this feature.Soon I began to work and instantly got the solution!Though it was painstaking but finally it worked and that too with precision.Till now I've provided the only feature of steering.I am looking forward to add some more features like vibration feedback and other auxilary buttons,gear shift paddles,and offcourse horn!
This console is suitable for All GTAs and can also be used for racing games!

Step 1: Collect the Materials!it's All Probably Eco-friendly

You need a small cardboard box in which it would be easy to drill holes.A plastic stick is recommended to make steering rod..but still if you are able to modify the metal it's good. A couple of screws as image depicts.O rings (I used those from my car's ORVMS.wireless optical mouse(wireless recomended).A white paper probably to make the light transmission more efficient.

Step 2: Preparation of Chassis and Body!

Take out the box and a piece of cardboard which exactly fits inside the box.That cardboard piece is to be place in the middle if box.So make sure you choose an appropriate position and also the rotational path traced by the mouse along its axis (steering rod)lies within.Drill holes on all the walls(two sides of box and that middle one cardboard piece) through which the rod is passed.Drill holes in such a way that they all maintain linearity.Now pass the rod to test if it's all hassle free.Now take out the cardboard piece and paste a white paper onto it.and modify that resulting product as the raw cardboard was(holes and all).Next fit that cardboard piece back in its place.Now the chassis is ready to meet it's assembly.

Step 3: Preparing the Steering Rod Assembly and Marrying It With Chassis

To get it done you need to cross check the the rod to drill holes as per the chassis for placement of mouse.Make sure the mouse lies over the white side of that middle one cardboard piece.Now get back the rod to workshop.First drill hole carefully as per your measurements.Now insert the rod from one end .Make sure the passage of steering rod is balanced.Place the O ring at each sides to provide bearing(slightly though).They also provide locking mechanism for seizeure of movement of rod laterally.Now fit the mouse carefully without damaging the chassisBefore fitment You may also want to switch on the mouse for convenience during testing period. You are almost done.Just you need to work on steering well design.U may also add auxilary buttons and horn button!Your Gaming console is ready!!

Step 4: Testing the Racing Wheel and Wrapping It Up for Adventure!

Now test the wheel by plugging in the nano transreceiver with the help of any game involving vehicle operation which allows the option"steer by mouse".I used Gta sa for this purpose. You may want to make some adjustments like sensitivity and mobility of wheel.If it's working fine you are done.Now wrap up everything so that inside of the box is of absolute darkness.Now it's all done and ready for "Drive your way"...slogan.Congratulations by the way!

Step 5: Enhancements!

If you wish to add some more features like vibration feedback,gear shift paddles(game dependent),Then it's quite easy.
For addition of vibration feedback:Get a sound driver with diaghpram of larger diameter and fix the driver to the axle with the help of springs to transmit shocks throughout the steering wheel generated by sound of larger.Now connect it to wavelengths(bass).Make sure the compression is set appropriately.Now connect the driver to HPF(or bass out).You are done!
For paddles:As there's a working mouse module inside the console,You can use those two buttons(right click and left click).Solder the wires carefully to each terminals of those buttons.Then connect those wires appropriately to a switches (O-off or tap key) and place then behind the steering wheel. (BE sure to leave ample of space between wheel and wall of console during construction).Now redefine the controls in game and set the shifters as mouse buttons as per ur convince. .It's done.Paddles ay be made up of rigid material like plastic or as per the spring constant of tap key...

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    That looks fun :)