DIY RAMBO 5: Last Blood Knife Machete Prop Making

Introduction: DIY RAMBO 5: Last Blood Knife Machete Prop Making

About: im 17 and i have a vast passion for making and have to keep busy with loads projects and love the outdoors and want to be a prop maker/ set maker

hello this Instructables is inspired by the new Rambo last blood film, it is one of the props which was used, and its a truly scary machete which I had to make and this is how!.

please check the video for a quick to the point and cinagrahic tutorial and please support my channel as this will help my colleague work and mean an awful lot to me

let's get making!


  • mild steel
  • faux leather
  • leather thong


  • angle grinder with cutting disc and grinding
  • hacksaw
  • selection of files
  • and a portable belt sander

Step 1: Steel and Template

the steel we are using is 70mm by 6mm mild steel from ebay as its only a prop i used mild steel but if it was to be used as an actual machete i recommend using carbon steel as its easier to harden and is harder.

print the template and glue it to the stell then i had to cut the metal in half as it was bit cumbersome

Step 2: Rough Cut

firstly i drilled 8mm hole for the finger guard, top of bolster and lanyard hole. this made it easier to cut the curves with a grinder as most of the work was done for you

then I cutted the rough shape with a cutting wheel on the grinder. make sure your work is all ways clamped down before attempting any grinding!

I also used a hack saw for the finer details

Step 3: Refinemant

after the rough cut, I refined the shape with a grinding wheel on the grinder and then with a selection of files to get my desired shape for a professorial finish.

this step could all be done with files

Step 4: Belt Sanding

I then used a portable belt sander to sand the spline of the belt, this is good because the belt spins in one direction which then means the scatches look uniform and are in one direction on the spine which looks really professional.

now we are ready to grind the bevel but first, I marked the side you want your knife edge on with a marker pen then used a marking gauge to mark the centerline so ill get a uniform grind also i like to start with a file at the start of the blade and file a straight edge this will act as a guide for the sander.

now sand your bevel, be patient this takes time and lots of noise please wear ear defenders, goggles and a dust mask,

i finished on 400grit which was properly overkill

Step 5: Adding Patina

As this blade is meant to be hand forged by Rambo, I wanted it to look like it was forged and hammered to give it a convincing real and mean aesthetic,

to get the patina I just hammered the blade with a ball pein hammer and now we will colour it

Step 6: Heat Hardening

okay as the steel i used was mild steel the hardening process would have not done much at all accept adding this rad colour which really brings this prop to life,

I used my DIY forge with my hot air gun on low as the blower, and used coals from a disposable bbq,

the blower helps the forge reach the high temperatures needed, then i quenched in water

Step 7: Handle

okay for the handle i glued some wooden spacers to widen the grips as I reckon John Rambo properly has big hands.

for the leather, I used a big sheet of pu (fake) leather i brought on eBay and cut in a 2cm strip then super glued one end and pan the stip around the handle evenly and tied it off and glued on a leather tab for decortion

then used leather strap for the hand cord

Step 8: Now Your Fhinished!!

now we are done, i really hope you liked this instructable and vote for me and support my youtbe as this will mean an awful lot to me,

i am so pleased how well this project turned out and can really picture Rambo welding this in his hand and protecting his ranch from the evil cartel.

i was pleasantly suprised how the hardening and patina looked in the end and the knife reminds me of some spartan solder

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