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This is a Aluminium sheet made custom RCA Plug, both male and female. So you'll learn how to make one when you are out of plugs or your speaker one is broken. Now easily make one in home and replace the broken one or just use as a connector.

May be this project is a very easy and simple one though i share this because i thought you might have faced these kind of troubles like me before. So from now do make it your own.

Step 1: Things You Need

Just few sort of things you gonna need to help your making,

Materials :

  • Aluminium sheet
  • Black Tape
  • Some Wires

Tools :

  • Scissor
  • Brush or Pen (width nearly to plug)
  • Plier
  • Plus

Buy Products :

Rca male to female :

Gold audio adpter :

Male to dual rca :

Rca to female audio :

3.5 mm to two rca :

3.5 mm audio splitter :

3 rca male to male AV cable, TV :

Step 2: '+' Ve and the '-' Ve Plug

    Just cut the Aluminium sheet to the desired width and a prox. length.

    Now Place a brush in middle and roll the sheet over the brush, it will take a cylindrical shape with both ends open, but at one end keep a small piece of sheet so the wires can be fitted later on.

    Do the same with the positive plug only small in diameter, a refill width is good for the inner plug. Also tape around it.

    Its some complicated to elaborate in writings, so please watch the video, its clearly explained there. Also take help of images, you can get a better visualization of what you are making.

    Like this you can make more male or female rca plugs according to your need.

    Step 3: Connect & Finish

    Now our plug is ready to be connected, take some wire and fix to the ends of both positive and negative plug and connect it to your speaker and amplifier or wherever you need. Its not very hardly steady but it'll take your work going on.


    Thank You Everyone!

    Hope, you all have liked this Instructable and learnt something as well.

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