Introduction: DIY RFID DOOR LOCK

Hii friends Today I'll Show You How To Make RFID Door Lock System Using Arduino Nano

The arduino based RFIDdoor lock system is secure and responsive as compared to other systems. Withthe use of arduino, it becomes much easy to design. Program a code and uploadit to arduino just like a plug and play device. It is simple and cost efficientproject and can be used as a basic access control mechanism. Their main advantageis contactless communication and RFID tags can work in any environmentalconditions.


You'll nees Some Componenets

  1. Plastic Box
  2. Rfid Module
  3. 12V solenoid Lock
  4. Arduino nano
  5. 1ch Relay Module
  6. Some Jumper Wire
  7. 5V TO 12v CONVERTOR
  8. DC Socket
  9. 5V adapter

Step 1: Solder RFID Module

Solder the mail header with Rafid

Step 2: Stick RFID in the Lid

Step 3: Connections

Combine all the components with the arduino as shown in the Pic

ARDUINO to RFID reader

pin 11 to MISO

pin 12 to MOSI

pin 13 to SCK

pin 10 to NSS

pin 9 to RST

These were the connection from Arduino to RFID reader

Relay Module Arduino Nano

Vcc 5v


In1 D3

Step 4: Keep All the Components in the Box Properly

Step 5: Let's Programming & Flowchart

Step 6: 5V Power Supply

Step 7: Complete