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Introduction: DIY | RGB Goggles

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Hey! I have made a RGB Goggles using WS2812B LEDs and Arduino Nano.The Goggles have many animations they can be controlled using a mobile app.The app can communicate with arduino through Bluetooth Module.


  • Arduino Nano (1)
  • WS2812B LEDs (88)
  • HC06 Bluetooth Module (1)
  • 3.7V Battery (1)
  • On/Off Switch (1)
  • Pair Of Goggles

Step 1: Circuit Connections

  • Take 88 WS2812b LEDs and arrange them on a cello tape or Double sided tape.
  • The LEDs should be arranged in such a way that all the grounds and Vcc should should be in same respective lines.
  • The alternate LEDs lines should be inverted so that the GND/Vcc becomes common for two LEDs lines.
  • Make all the LEDs Data in and Data out connections.
  • After all the LEDs connections now connect Arduino as shown in circuit diagram.
  • 5v/3v ~Vin/5v
  • Data pin ~ Pin 3

Step 2: Code

  • Before Uploading code make sure that RXD and TXD pins are disconnected.

  • Open the code in Arduino IDE.

  • Include all the libraries that are in the code.

  • Select Board Type and Port.

  • Upload The Code.

  • After Uploading code connect them back.

  • Code and App Link:

Step 3: App Setup

  • Install The app give in the above link.
  • Open Bluetooth settings.
  • Turn on the Goggles.
  • Search for HC06 In Bluetooth Settings and pair it by entering password as 1234.
  • Open the app click on Bluetooth Icon Select HC06.
  • And You are Ready!
  • Click on any animation you want.
  • Place all the electronics in a container.
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    Question 2 years ago

    How does one see through this? :)


    Answer 2 years ago

    As the Lights are arranged diagonally there is much space in between, it's like a mesh so we can see , I won't say it's clear vision but we can see though it.