Introduction: DIY RGB LED Panel Clock

Arduino is very popular board these days. I use it with RTC and other sensors for long time and uses LCD, Seven-segment displays and dot matrix display, but the problem is that these display are very small in size, so the character on these displays readable form short distance so i am coming with RGB P13.33 Module which is large in size and also readable from longer distances.

This huge clock is cheaper in price and also easy to made. so lets get started

Step 1: Hardware Required:

Arduino (uno, nano, pro-mini, etc).


2- P13.33 RGB LED module.

PCB(dotted small).

DS1307 RTC Mode.

CR2025 cell + Holder.

32.768KHz crystal Oscillator.

10 Kohm Resistor.

Step 2: Software Requirement


You can download from Here:

P13.33 arduino library.

you can download from Here:

DS1307 library arduino

You can download from here:

Step 3: Circuit Description:

In this circuit i use arduino nano. Pin of arduino is connected to LED panel connector (HUB-08).

Hardware connection are as follows:

HUB-08 - Arduino

OE - pin 13

CLK(clock) - pin 12

LATCH - pin 11

A - pin 7

B - pin 6

RED - pin 8

GREEN - pin 9

BLUE - pin 10

C - Unconnected

D - Unconnected

GND - Ground

P13.33 panel runs on 5 volts but it require high current , so we can not drive it directly from arduino. I use another extra power supply such as 5 volt 2 amp phone charger.

DS1307 is connected to SDA and SCL pins of arduino which are on A4 and A5 pins of arduino.10k ohm pull-up resistors are used because these are open drain pins. This module maintain its time from CR 2025 battery when main power source shut down.

Step 4: Power Source:

LED panel require high current . It require 1 amp current each so we require at least 2 amp power source for driving two P3.33 panels. we can drive it easily with phone charger or Power bank but if we increase Number of panels we require 5 amp or more current power adapter. For better performance one 7805 can be connected to each panel.

Step 5: Code

You can download code form here:

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