Introduction: DIY: RIpped Jeans

On my old blog the Falabella Stella McCartney bag DIY was one of my most popular posts. So I figured, since you guys like DIY’s, I’d make another one. This time it’s a lot easier though. Because ripped jeans are everywhere right now, I felt like it was the perfect subject. I’m sure you all have at least one pair of jeans you haven’t worn in years, yet somehow you weren’t able to throw them out. (I know I have at least seven hihi.) So take those jeans out of your closet and get to work!
All you need is an old pair of jeans obviously, some scissors, chalk or soap (this will be your marker), a ruler and tweezers.

  1. Put on your jeans. Make a small mark where you want your rips.
  2. Make a straight line from your mark, using a ruler. Make it as wide as you want, but stay 1 cm from the seams.
  3. Start cutting where you marked your line. Make sure you only cut at the frontside of your jeans.
  4. Take your tweezers. Start pulling the horizontal threads out, or any other threads that are loose.
  5. After a while, you can easily pull the horizontal threads down. Keep on doing this until you have a beautiful rip.
  6. You can choose to add another line if you want a more ripped look (like I did). Just repeat the first steps.
  7. This is how your total rip should look like. Repeat all the steps again for the other leg.

Tadaa! Your old jeans are new again! Enjoy!!
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