Introduction: DIY ROOM DECOR for Christmas! Winter Pine Cones! Decorating Idea!

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Step 1: Materials Required!

♡ Hey guys! I am SO EXCITED for Christmas!! I'm starting out the holiday videos with a DIY Holiday Room Decor!

Step 2: While Walking Through Craft Stores I Burst With Ideas!

These DIY room decor projects are suitable for small rooms and for big rooms.

Step 3: For This Week’s DIY Tutorial We Made “green Snow - Dusted” Winter Pine Cones!

I love the holidays and I hope these easy room decoration help get your room cozy and comfy for the season!

Step 4: Happy Holidays!!!

Let me know which DIY is your favorite in the comments below! Don't forget to like this video if you love Christmas or room decor videos! Love you guys!! ~ Morena ❤❤❤

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