DIY Rabbit Hidey Hut

Introduction: DIY Rabbit Hidey Hut

Step 1- Gather your materials. What you will need is a cardboard box (big enough for your pet), Sharpie, Scissors, Chew toys , Thin rope, Decorations, a base that is comfortable for your pet (a blanket, a couple of soft mats, or even a pillow will do!)

Step 1- Figure out what type of hidey hut you desire so that you don’t waist time making mistakes.

Step 2- After you have imagined your design. You take your scissors and take out the flaps to open the box to make your box to stand up straight

Step 3- take your sharpie and trace in doors (either semi-circles, circles) and then cut it out. You have to trace the doors so that you don’t make a mistake while cutting

Step 4- After you cut out the door repeat the same tracing on the top of your hidey hut, and then cut it out. Now you’ve made a little sun roof. It is important to have a sunroof because your pet might need more space and fresh air.

Step 5- Next take the scissors and cut out a small hole near the roof. This will help you in your next step.

Step 6- Then you take the thin rope and tie some decorations onto it. Afterward hand it between the roof and the small hole you just created. It is important to add decorations because your pet will most likely get bored, so the decorations will entertain it.

Step 7- Next you lift your hidey hut and put your base under it.

Step 8- Then you add a couple of chew toys and put them inside the hidey hut

Step 9- Now you’re done! Congrats you have made your very first hidey hut, let your pet inside and enjoy its new paradise!

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    4 years ago

    Our bunny loves to chew on everything so we give him unpainted cardboard & unfinished wood. Buns love huts like this! Thanks for sharing!