Introduction: DIY Rabbit Toys (Part 1)

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This instructable will show you how to make Rabbit toys. These are a collection of ideas that I had and some ideas that I have seen online. They are relatively easy to make and I hope you like them :)


• Dry grass or hay
• Animal safe string
• Non-toxic hot glue sticks and glue gun
• Toilet paper rolls
• Rabbit treats

Step 1:

For the first toy you will need dry grass or hay. You can also include rabbit treats if you want. This toy needs ring shaped treats but you can always cut or drill through other treats if you don't have ring shaped ones

Step 2:

Take some strands of grass or hay and put them together. You can also push ring shaped treats through them so it looks like the picture above.

Step 3:

Take the hay and bend it so the two ends meet up. When I bent mine, it turned triangular but it could bend into any shape depending on the type of grass

Step 4:

Take some animal-safe string and tie the ends of the hay or grass so they don't move. You have now made a hanging toy.

Step 5:

Cut off any excess hay or grass that is sticking out to neaten up the toy. Your toy can be enjoyed by your rabbit wether it has treats on it or not.

Step 6:

Thank you for looking at this instructable!

There is a part 2 of this instructable because I didn't want this one to be too long.

You can find the part 2 if you click my channel name moltcraft.