Introduction: DIY Race Car

This was a race car that I designed and cut out using a laser cutter to cut out the pieces perfectly. Although using the laser cutter makes it extremely easy to cut out pieces that would be nearly impossible with a normal saw, I decided to use a simple and easy design for my race car. Here are the steps I took to create my race car:

1. I created a design that was simple and that I liked.

2. Gathered materials to create my race car:

a. 1/4 inch plywood

b. 2- 6v motors

c. 10 AA batteries

d. 2 battery terminals that hold 4 AA batteries for the motors, and 1 that holds 2 AA batteries for the LEDs

e. 4- 5mm LEDs (I used green ones) but you can use any color you choose

f. 2 on-off-on switches, so you can go reverse and forwards

g. wood glue

h. copper wire

3. I cut out my design on the laser cutter, so the shapes would fit perfectly together.

4. I drilled 4 holes in the side pieces, with a 5/32 sized drill bit, so the axles for the wheels could go through the wood. The holes were 4 inches apart from each other

5. I also then drilled 2 holes on the front and back pieces for lights. I used 4- 5mm green LEDs. These were 2 inches apart. I wired my LEDS in a parallel circuit to evenly distribute power.

6. I cut out and put together my controller for my race car, it was 5 in x 3 in x 1 in.

7. I drilled 3 holes into the top of my controller, 2 for the motor switches and 1 for the LEDs.

8. I glued the sides onto my race car.

9. I then wired my switches so my motors can go forwards and backwards.

10. I wired my motors to my switches, and then to my battery terminals.

11. I glued down my motors, so they wouldn't move.

12. I glued my LEDs in the holes I drilled for them.

13. I then wired my LEDs to my battery terminal.

14. Next I glued my wheels onto the axles in the front and to the motors in the back.

15. I then glued the front and back sides to my race car to complete it.