Introduction: DIY Rainbow Bubbles

Hi guys!! This is my first instructable, inspired by some of my soon-to-be-kindergardeners who love playing outside but need something to do besides chase each other around the trees. This DIY is very simple, and all of the ingredients are most likely lying around the house or stashed away in a cabinet.


DIY Easy Rainbow Colored Blowing Bubbles

Supplies: -Dishwashing liquid (the clear kind is the best, but I just used regular blue Dawn dishwashing liquid)

-Corn Syrup (Light)

-Food Coloring

-Plastic Straws

-Styrofoam/plastic cups

-(Large) Mixing bowl

-(Large) Storage Container



-Add 6 cups of hot water to the large mixing bowl, then add 2 cups of dishwashing liquid, and 3/4 to 1 cup corn syrup.

-Mix gently to dissolve the syrup quicker.

-Pour out into styrofoam cups (I used 6, for the 6 basic colors of the rainbow).

-Add food coloring as desired for different colors.

-Dip the tip of the straw into a color, let the excess water drip off, and blow!!

(For an extra unique twist, you could add different essential oils along with the colors for scented rainbow bubbles).

Tips: These bubbles last a VERY long time, but can leave stains on your clothes, so it's best to wear clothes that can are already stained or are meant for play.

Have fun!!