Introduction: DIY Rainbow RGB Led Tree

Nice to meet you again. Today I share with you how to make a beautiful night light. Night lights use Rainbow RGB Led to change colors themselves. The light will turn on automatically when it is dark. The necessary components I will list below, wish you success.

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Step 1: Components Needed

1. Rainbow RGB Led

2. TP4056 Lithium Battery Charging

3. Plastic Shrink

4. MT3608 Booster Power Module

5. Hot glue, wires, soldering iron

That is all we need. Let's start.

Step 2: Let's Start

- I use pre-cut heat shrink sheet. If you can't buy them, cut them to the shape in the clip, not exactly.

- You can also use pet bottles. Each material will have different shrinkage rates. It will take you several times to get used to this.

- I use a hair dryer and it works perfectly. If you have a hot air blower it will help your work faster.

- Pay attention to shape your flowers when heated.

- You can also color them with crayons. Pay attention because the plastic will shrink so you do not need to paint too much.

Step 3: Step 2

- After creating petals successfully. We will mount the led on them. I use hot glue gun.

- I wandered in the garden and found a dry twig. This is probably the hardest job. A dry branch that fits your flowerpot is not easy.

- Our flower is complete. It looks pretty cool, right? Let's go to step 3. Add more electricity to make it more sparkling.

Step 4:

- I use wires taken from inductor. This cord is quite small, you will not need to hide them. And it also has good quality.

- This is an electrical circuit diagram that lights up automatically when it's dark. Your flowerpot will turn on automatically, you can use it as a night light, that's great.

- The connection part is quite simple: Battery ---> TP4056 ---> MT3608 Booster Power Module ----> Auto light circuit ---> led

Good luck

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