Introduction: DIY Ramp Shot

This is Ramp Shot. We will be teaching you how to make your own D.I.Y Ramp Shot. Ramp Shot is a fun and easy game to build. Here is where we originally got the idea to make this backyard game:

Click this link

We could have bought a Ramp Shot from amazon but we are making this for a school project. The recesses at our school are not the best of recesses. There are small kids running around everywhere getting hurt so we are making this game because it can be played as an organized game, it is fun and it doesn't take up much space to play. This is also very easy to make. So lets get right in to this.

Step 1: Getting Your Materials

First go to a hardware store near you. A good selection of stores is Home Depot and Lowe's. The links have been included here for both store's. If you don't have access to any of these store's you can also go to any hardware store.

This is what you need to build a Ramp Shot:

  • Net
  • Paint ( you can choose what color you would like to customize your Ramp Shot, we chose black and red )

- Paint (remember to use/buy paint with primer )

- Paint brushes

- Spray paint for design if you wish

  • Wood ( 2' x 8' x 4" ) x 2 or get 2' x 8' x 8'' wood
  • Woodworking materials

- Saw ( if you have an electric saw you may use that too )

- Screws

- Drill

Remember to ask a trusted adult for help when using a saw of a drill

  • Plywood ( OSB ) You will need a whole lot OSB plywood
  • Nail Gun
  • Wood Glue
  • Staple Gun
  • Angle Finder

The wood we used for this project is 2" x 8" x 8'. We have used links to show all of the materials we used in this project

Our teacher had some plywood at home so we used that but if you go to a local hardware store you can tell the people working there your measurements and you can ask for plywood in the dimensions you need.

Step 2: Cutting Your 2' X 8' X 8" Wood

Secondly, what you will want to do is you will want to cut your 2 x 8 wood at a 45 degree angle and you have to cut the other side at a 15 degree angle. Down below is all the steps you will need to follow to cut your wood:

  1. Get a trusted adult
  2. Get your 2' x 8' 8" wood and cut it in half ( You should have '2 x '8 x 4" wood )
  3. Then cut your 2' x 8' x 4" wood in half ( you will have 2' x 8' x 2" )
  4. Use 1 side of your 2' x 8' x 2" and mark 45 degrees on your wood
  5. On the opposite side of where you marked a 45 degree angle mark a 15 degree angle
  6. Repeat steps 3 - 4
  7. Use your saw to cut the angles where you marked the angles

When you are done cutting the wood you should have a trapezoid shape where the side at the bottom is longer then the side on the top.

Step 3: Getting More Wood

Next, what you will need is OSB plywood or any plywood of your choice. We used OSB plywood because our teacher had some so we just used that, but again you can use anything you would like. You will need 2 pieces of plywood, our measurements for the plywood were 12.5 inches by 24 inches. Our other measurements were 10 inches by 24 inches. You can change the width ( 24 inches to any amount that you would like ). When you have all your wood cut with all your measurements, take the wood that you are planning to use for the top of your Ramp Shot and make a straight line threw the middle both ways then make a rectangle in the center of the plywood that you are planning to use for the balls to go in the net to begin with. Once you have marked a hole in the top piece of your plywood use your saw to cut the hole that you have created. If you have an electric saw you can also use that to make your job of cutting the wood easier. Then you will want to take the wood that you want to use as the Ramp of your Ramp Shot. You will then use your angle finder to find the angle where the top part of the Ramp Shot and the ramp of the Ramp Shot won't intersect and they will go side by side.

Step 4: Putting Your Wood Together

Now you will want to put all of your pieces together. We started with the top because it is easier. Place your plywood so it is exactly in line with the measurements of the top part. Then take 6 of your screws and get a trusted adult to help you drill the screws in. Drill 3 screws on each side. This should mean that the plywood and the 2 x 8 x 8 wood will be connected. Then you will want to add the piece of of wood you are using for your ramp. You will first want to cut the angle you measured with your angle measuring tool. When you have done that it should fit perfectly in to the plywood you are using for the top. We recommend figuring out the angle measure for where to cut first just of make sure you don't make any mistakes. You will then have to take your wood glue and put some where the ramp is supposed to go. You will then have to place the piece of plywood that you are using for the Ramp on the glue, make sure that everything is in line. Once you have glued the wood to your Ramp Shot you will be very close to finishing.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 2 - 4

Next what you will want to make is your second Ramp Shot. So go up in the instructable and repeat steps 2 - 4. These are the steps that tell you how to build your Ramp Shot.

Step 6: Painting Your Ramp Shot

The last step for building your Ramp Shot is painting it. We painted ours in black but you can paint yours in any color. You could either spray paint your Ramp Shot or paint it with a can of paint. We spray painted ours. Make sure when painting your Ramp Shot you don't make a mess. So when you have painted both Ramp Shots you will be done your project.

Step 7: Enjoy Playing Ramp Shot

Now you can start using your Ramp Shot. Here is the link how to play Ramp Shot from the original creators of the game.

Ramp Shot

Here is how to play for beginners:

Ramp Shot for beginners