DIY Rasberry Lemon Cups

Introduction: DIY Rasberry Lemon Cups

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I have really been enjoying this sweet and cool treat for the summer. It may be very simple, but it's totally worth it and really delicious. I love simple and easy desserts that can be ready in minutes and shared with the family!

Step 1: Prep

First you want to get out your ingredients. You will need a knife, fork, cutting board or plate, lemons, and some raspberry sherbert.

Step 2: Cut the Lemons

Next you want to slice your lemons on half. You can also cut a little piece off the bottom So the lemons can stand up on their own. Then begin to scoop the flesh out of the lemon with your fork.

Step 3: Scoop Your Ice Cream

Now that your lemon flesh Is scooped out, you want to open up your raspberry sherbet and begin to scoop the ice cream into the lemon bowl.

Garnish and make it look pretty. Serve with spoons and you are ready to eat!

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