Introduction: DIY Recycled Watering Can

Do you ever want to keep up your garden, but you're in a pinch and can't get ahold of or afford a proper watering can? Never fear, you can easily make one at home with just a few recycled house goods and some scraps laying around. This project can be easily completed in less than one hour.

Step 1: Assemble Your Materials and Tools

Lay out your plastic container or milk jug, smaller water bottle, cutting tool, rope, and some glue or other sealing agent.

Step 2: Use Cutting Utensil to Cut Smaller Plastic Bottle in Half

This will be your "spout". The length is up to you, and the sturdier the bottle the better.

Step 3: Use a Marker or Pencil to Mark on Your Large Container the Size of the Bottle Half

This will be the hole for your "spout". You can then cut this hole out. Make it as accurate as possible.

Step 4: Place the Bottle in the Hole You Have Created, Then Seal It With Glue/adhesive

Place the "spout" into the hole. If the hole is precise, super glue will work. If not, hot glue or other sealant may be required.

Step 5: Cut Two Holes Near Top of Container for Handle

See pictures above. Remember, anything above the bottom hole will leak water, so don't make it too low to the bottom of the container.

Step 6: String Rope Through Holes

Tie knots on the other side of the whole so the rope cant come loose. Feel free to seal up the knots with more super glue for an extra strength fix.

Step 7: Wait for Glue/adhesive to Dry

Wait until everything is dry, depending on your items of choice.

Step 8: Enjoy!

You can fill with water and water your plants or garden now! You can feel extra good about it too, because your watering can is both recycled and will help you grow your own produce, a double win!