DIY Recyle Your Table

Introduction: DIY Recyle Your Table

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Shopping List

- Chest ( recycled )

- Table ( recycled )

- Stain

- Sandpaper

- Screws

- Brush

- Saw

- Wooden planks

Step 1: 1. First We Cleaned the Table and Sanded It.

Step 2: 2. Then We Unscrewed the Table Top of the Table.

Step 3: 3. Then We Stained the Table With a Gray Stain (so It Stays Nice Outside )

Step 4: 4. Next, We Nailed Two Slats Firmly to the Table’s Frame to Be Able to Fixate the Chest on It.

Step 5: 5. and Finally, We Fixed the Table on the Box With Screws.

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