Introduction: DIY Relay Module Making

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First Watch The Full Video Then You will understand Everything.

Step 1: 12V Relay

Step 2: PCB Board

I have used Dot PCB Board.


Step 3: Any PNP Transistor

Use any PNP Transistor Which Can Handle 20mA At least.

I have used BC557


Step 4: PC817 Opto-Coupler

Step 5: Resistor

Step 6: PCB Mount Screw Terminal Block

2 PIN PCB Mount Screw Terminal Block Connectors - Green


Step 7: Push Switch

Push Switch Link

Step 8: Indicator LED

Green LED Link

Step 9: Full Made Board From Front Side

Step 10: Soldering of Each Channel

Step 11: Circuit Diagram

Step 12: Single Module Connection With Arduino.