DIY Reminder Using PIR Sensor and LCD

Introduction: DIY Reminder Using PIR Sensor and LCD

Have you ever forgot something because you were in too much of a hurry?

Then this project is the project for you because this easy DIY will help by reminding you if you have forgotten something and making sure that it's not too late.

Step 1: Step 1: Gather the Materials

All these materials can be easily found in an electronics shop.

1. Arduino Uno

2. PIR sensor

3. LCD display

4. resistors

5. wiring

6. breadboard

Step 2: Step 2: Introduction

This project is a DIY to solve a first world problem that has affected someone at least once in their life. That is forgetting something when you are going out in your car and then remembering once you have already left your house. This project uses a sensor, that you would put outside your front door or outside your bedroom door to remind you if you forgot anything that you needed to bring.

Step 3: Step 3: Make Connections

There are very few connections just look at the connections on the image above.

Can be done on tinkercad.

Step 4: Step 4: the Code

Attach the following code to the Arduino on your computer.

#include LiquidCrystal


void setup() {





void loop() {

int a = digitalRead(8);





lcd.print("Did you forget");






else {



Step 5: Step 5: Working

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