Introduction: DIY: Replace Carbon Brushes on an Impact Driver

This time I’ll show you how to choose, where to get and how to replace carbon brushes for Bosch impact driver.

How I did it - you can check by looking DIY video or you can follow up instructions bellow.

For this project you will need:


New set of carbon brushes


Flat screw driver

Step 1: About Problem

I have to take a look at this old Bosch 18V impact driver, because it started to make strange things. For example: motor losing power, it stops working suddenly, sparks coming from motor and motor running poorly.

All those signs indicate, that your power tool needs attention and probably new carbon brushes. The brushes rubs against the commutator on impact driver armature. They are responsible to transfer electricity to the spinning armature. They made from carbon and because of that they will wear down with normal use and eventually you’ll need to replace them.

To replace brushes is super easy to do, so let get started. Before start disassembling - remove battery.

Step 2: Disassemble

Brushes are located in two opposite tool sides under plastic covers.

Step 3: The State of First Brushe

This brush is totally destroyed and probably that’s why tool won't work properly any more.

Step 4: The State of Second Brushe

Another brush is still in one piece and looks a little bit better, but also it must be replaced.

Step 5: How to Choose and Where to Get New Brushes

The new carbon brush set I got from local power tools repair company. To get right set, it was needed to provide power tool product number, which is written on a impact driver.

If you don’t have such store at your location, you could type your power tools product number in google and try to find his manual. There will be written all tool components with individual part numbers. Take that brush part number, paste in ebay, amazon ar other your favorite eshop - and you will get some options where to get new set of brushes.

Step 6: Old Vs New

It’s is quite a big difference between old and new carbon brushes.

Step 7: Re-assembling

Assembling everything back and lets check, does new brushes solved our problem.

And it performs like it should.

Few bucks for brushes, few minutes of work, and your tool will be back to business.