Introduction: DIY Replaceable Sandpapers for Sanding Blocks

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In the past, I have bought many cheap sanding blocks on the market. For the most part they work just fine but I have often found that they are either not ergonomically designed and are uncomfortable to hold or replacing the sanding paper is a royal pain in the ass. So after cursing many sanding blocks I decided to it was time to take the DIY route.

Step 1: Choosing a Sanding Block

After some research on the internet I decided to buy an Anderson Smooth Touch Sander. It is not at all necessary for you to make the same choice. You can easily replicate the process with any other materials like wood block, blackboard duster etc. Choose a sanding block which you are comfortable holding.

Take the sanding block of your choice. I chose an Anderson smooth touch sander 250 mm.

Step 2: Fiberglass Tape to Protect the Base

Now cover the area, where the sand paper will be stuck, with fiber tape. The fiber tape is reinforced with glass fiber threads and is very durable.

Step 3: Double Sided Tape to Stick It All

Next step is to put a layer of double sided sticky tape over the fiber tape. Make sure you use a good quality tape which has good sticking power. 3M is recommended.

Step 4: Finishing Off With the Sand Paper

Now cut a piece of your desired grit sanding paper according to the shape of your sanding block. Stick it on top of the double side tape and your removable sanding paper system is ready.

To replace the sanding paper just remove the currently fixed sand paper and replace with a new one. After two or three cycles of replacing sand papers, you will have to remove the double sided tape and replace it as well.

Your replaceable sand paper system is now ready.Thank you for reading.

Ankur Kaul