Introduction: DIY Resin Craft

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Resin craft is my most awaited craft which I did recently. I have tried many more time and finally manage to over come some mistakes, and finally I did it well. I am pretty satisfy with its result.Before going to start the project let me give some details about the material called 'Resin'.

Resin is a a solid or highly viscous substance of plant or synthetic origin that is typically convertible into polymers. Resins are usually mixtures of organic compounds.

Resin casting is a method of plastic casting where a mould is filled with a liquid synthetic , which then hardens. So it can give a best results on small scale productions.

So lets move to this beautiful craft project, and make your summer holidays more awesome.......

Step 1: Materials and Tools Required :

1. Resin and hardener : Amazon / Amazon India

2. Silicon Mould: Amazon / Amazon India

3. Dry Flowers: Amazon

4. Glitter : Amazon

5. Popsicle Stick: Amazon

6. Disposal Glass: Amazon

7. Tooth Pick: Amazon

8. Gas Lighter: Amazon

9. Sand Paper : Amazon

10. Dropper : Amazon

11. Hand Gloves: Amazon

12. Weighing Machine: Amazon

Step 2: Prepare the Resin Mix

I have used here Epoxy clear Resin, which comes with two different bottles , one is Resin and other one is Hardener.To measure the liquid amount, you must need a weighing machine. You need a disposable glass, then mix the resin and hardener together with a help of a popsicle stick.

Make a note that, the ratio of resin and hardener should be 3:1 respectively.


1. You should wear gloves while using Epoxy.

2. The mixture ratio of Resin:Hardener should be 3:1, otherwise it will never get dry and give a sticky outcome.

Step 3: Add Dry Leaves and Flowers

To make this resin bangle, you need a silicon bangle mould. You can choose your size while you are going to purchase. Its avail in all shape and sizes in the market. Though I wanted to give it a flowery look , I have purchased some dry flowers and leaves. You can easily get these by online or you can prepare your own too.

Arrange some colourful flowers and leaves inside the mould, so that it will look vibrant. To pick and drop the petals as I have shown in pictures, you just need a tweezers.Put one by one and place it randomly into the mould. Put the petals and leavers according to your preference.

To cast the dry flowers and leaves into their place, now you need to pour the resin mix into the mould. As I have mentioned earlier, the mixture ratio should be 3:1 of resin and hardener respectively.

Here therefore, I took the ratio 9:3 gram appx. which is more for one single bangle. I actually planned from earlier to make more stuffs, so I have taken this much amount. You can take as much you require.

You can pour the resin into the mould directly, but its advisable to use a dropper.

Step 4: Add Glitter Particles

To give this a glittery look , I took some glitter nail art particles which seriously enhance the beauty of my products.I put these particles with a help of a pin and place different colours randomly throughout the mould area. You can use a tooth pick to place the glitters.

Then pour little more amount of resin above this too. Fill the mould very perfectly.

To remove the air bubbles you need to use a gas lighter.

Now leave the bangle mould for 24 hours to cast the resin properly.


1. Don't touch the resin when you leave it to dry.

2. Place it in a dust free area during the period of casting.

Step 5: Remove the Bangles From Mould

After 24 hours of waiting, it's time now to take out the bangles from the silicon moulds, as I did two bangles.Procedure are same, just you need to put the flowers with some different creativity.Sharing the picture above.

I really can't find the words to express my feeling when I got to see my cast bangle. It was a wonderful feeling.The out come is so beautiful than my expectation.The experiment gone so so well.

Step 6: Smoothing the Edges

After removal of the bangles from the mold, its top surface edge is sharp enough to cut or scratch your skin.

To make it a smooth surface, I sanded it by using sand papers. I started with a coarse sand paper then move towards a very fine one ( 1500 grit ).After sanding it, clean it and apply a polishing paste to achieve the crystal clear look.

Step 7: Try With Diamond Shaped Mould

Now by following the same procedure, I did pour a little amount of the clear resin mix into a diamond cut mould.Then added some glitter particles of different colours. Mixed these with a pin or tooth pick.

Then took some dry flowers petals and leaves, place these into the mould.You can arrange the dry-petals according to your creativity or let it float above the the resin.

Finally pour resin mix and fill the mould completely.

Let it dry for 24 hours or more.

Step 8: Try With Single Flower and Diamond Mould

By following the same method, I did a second diamond cut resin stuff.I have use a single dry flower along with a green coloured stone.I finally left them to dry for 24 hours and kept the mould on a dust free area.

Step 9: Final Outcomes

I was quite excited to see the final outcome, finally after 24 hours I got the products as shown above. The are so much beautiful enough to give me full satisfaction. These are so beautiful and look vibrantly amazing.

Thank you so much for reading my instructables. If you like it, don't forget to like and comment.

I am curious to see your resin craft picture in comment section below.

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