DIY Reusable Fabric Coffee Cup Sleeve




Introduction: DIY Reusable Fabric Coffee Cup Sleeve

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This is an up-recycled hand sew coffee cup sleeve made from old fabric. If you have out-fashioned old clothes, why not make something useful out of them?

Step 1:

Floral Cotton Cloth

3mm Elastic Cord, Black

22mm Metal Shank Button

10mm Resin Buttons, Yellow

Sewing Thread, Saddle Brown



Step 2: Fold the Cloth and Sew

1st, cut out a rectangular cloth with measuring 30*28cm here. You can measure it according to your cup. Fold two shorter sides to the middle line;

2nd, fold the cloth in half along the middle line;

3rd, sew the opening sides by blanket stitch;

4th, fold both ends inwards a little and pin them.

Step 3: Add Buttons and Elastic Cord

1st, cut out a short strip of elastic cord and double it, make sure it can buckle the shank button easily;

2nd, straight stitch both ends of the cloth with sewing the elastic cord inside at one end;

3rd, wrap the sleeve around your coffee cup to determine the position of button, and then sew it on the other end of the cloth;

4th, fold two upper corners outwards and sew two resin buttons as embellishments.

Step 4: Finished Coffee Cup Sleeve

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    Timothy M
    Timothy M

    8 years ago

    This probably wasn't what you had in mind, but when I first saw it I thought it was a suit for a cup... Kind of sad it isn't now.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! It's cute, practical, and reusable.