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Hi guys! In today's tutorial I'm making really easy and adjustable DIY rings. These easy rings are fun to make and I think they look super cool and would make a nice gift for a friend, sister of just for yourself! Why not treat yourself to a new piece of jewelry - you 100% deserve it! :)

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Step 1: Materials

See the list of materials I used to make these DIY rings:

For the gold DIY ring: 18 gauge Gold plated copper wire(approx 6"), 24gauge Gold plated copper wire(approx 8"),small red glass bead

For the silver DIY ring: 18 gauge silver plated copper wire (approx 6"), 24 gauge silver plated copper (approx 8"),gold frosted bead

For the copper DIY ring: 18 gauge copper wire(approx 6"), 24 gauge copper wire(approx 8"), blue glass bead

All the wires I used are non tarnish wires from Palmers Metals. Then I used wire cutters, bent nose pliers(you can use chain nose or flat nose pliers instead) and my mascara container to shape the ring(it should be a similar size to your finger)

Step 2: Let's Get Started!

Cut approximately 6" of the 18 gauge wire and add a small bead to the middle of the wire. Bend the wire carefully around the bead creating a small tear drop shaped loop. Then use your bent nose(or other) pliers to press the two wires together (in the place where they cross). I then slowly bent the wire into a heart shape and again pressed the wires with the pliers - it helps the wire to stay in place and not move (but be gentle with it, if you press it too much, the wire could break). Then I've straighten the wires for the band and made them horizontal.

Next step is to secure the the two wires under the tip of the heart and I did that by tightly wrapping around some 24 gauge wire and then carried on wrapping each end around each side of the ring band. Then cut the rest of the thin wire off at the side and press against the band with your pliers to hide the sharp edge.

Step 3: Finishing

I then wrapped the ring around my mascara container to give it the ring shape and using my pliers I created loops at each end of the ring band and pressed them down a bit with pliers.

And that is it! You can create different colours, use different beads, just go for it and get creative :)

Step 4: You Can Watch My Video Tutorial

You can also watch my video tutorial here for even more details :)

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