Introduction: DIY River Stone Planter

This intractable is going to show how to make these beautiful river stone planters. They make charming mother's or father's day gifts, or can just be fun crafts for the family to do together. 

These planters are super easy and fun to make. Lets get started! 

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Step 1: What You'll Need

Not very many items are needed to make these planters, and they are probably one of the most inexpensive projects I've come across (always a plus). 

What to get:
-Pot or planter (I used some spare terra cotta pots wasting away in our garage, as well as a plastic one. To save money, I'd recommend checking around in storage before purchasing new planters)
-Hot glue gun
-River Stones (I found my river stones at Dollar Tree ---$1 for a pretty decent sized bag--- but they can also be found at any craft store. Or, hey!, why not gather your own while going on a nature walk or visiting any river or lake?

When your planter is done:
-Don't forget your lovely flower and potting soil for planting!

Step 2: Get to Gluing!

This project is pretty much a time consuming exercise in puzzles. All I did was, starting at the base of the pot, glue rocks on one-by-one. I found it really fun trying to find the perfect shapes and sizes to fit into each next place.

Oh, and be careful not to burn yourself. I tend to be a little hasting when applying the glue to the rocks, and as a result I'm lucky to still have a few fingerprints left. 

Step 3: Plant Your Flowers

Once the rocks are glued on, you can pretty much immediately begin using your planter. 

I really love these little guys, as my best friend pointed out, they look like little orange caterpillars. :)

And there you have it!   Enjoy your lovely new creations!

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