Introduction: DIY Robot Dog Obstacle Course

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Hello everyone!

Today we make for you very nice Robot Dog like Boston Dynamics for kids. You can play with it and build an obstacle course.. The robot can pass any place and surface. The design is very simple. All materials are at each house.

100% of fun!

First, watch our video with instructions and a presentation.

Let's Go!

Step 1: ​Legs

I use a plastic water pipe to create a certain type of foot - Whegs

Diameter 7cm (2.75 inches)

Step 2: Whegs!

Glue half the pipe to the electric motor.

For fastening, I used ice cream sticks.

Step 3: ​Construct Quickly

The electric circuit uses two motors, one 9 volt battery and a switch. Everything is very simple.

All this must be fixed on a wooden ruler.


Step 4: Tread

In order for the Robot to better cling to the cover, I used a rubber band.

I glued it with superglue to the feet.


For the presentation of the robot's capabilities, we built the obstacle course.
Our robot was able to pass all and finish.

This invention is very strong and well suited for playing in the courtyard of the house. There is nothing that he could not overcome.

Good Luck!