Introduction: DIY Rocket Stove Out of Cans

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Welcome back to my laboratory where safety is number one priority and today I'm going to show you how to make rocket stove

Step 1: Making a Big Hole

I got here a big can and what I'm gonna do is set it like that, and mark

it where I'm gonna need to cut it. Somewhere around here. As you can see there's a circle, this is the indicator where I'm gonna have to cut it. Doing this for the first time so trial and error. This is what we wanna do. That's it, simple as that.

Step 2: Connecting Cans

So as you can see two holes are here, all I'm gonna do this one right here, put it through. I forgot to do one more thing, I got to cut this right here. Just maybe three times, and then we're going to put it through this hole, and then we're going to get this ones and unfold them inside of there. I guess it's going to look like something like that.

Step 3: Making the Insulation

Then we're going to get insulation and stuff it in between of these jars. You could use sand or maybe rocks, but it will make it heavy. The insulation, it makes it very light. Okay, then we're gonna take this, remember the top that we cut off, we wanna save it, and then we gonna make a hole the size of this jar. Then what we're going to do, get this thing and put it right in the hole ... oh wow! Look at that. It works so well I'm surprised in myself how well it's turning out.

Step 4: Finishing the Stove

Next what I'm gonna do is cut it down this way. I need better tools, and we're going to cut it in a few places. Now you see how I cut off like this, one two three four five six, and we're going to bend it down this way. All right, this is what it's going to look like. There's air going to through here, see my hand is right here. We're going to load the sticks inside of here. Fire is gonna come out here and all the air is going to come in inside here. That's why it's called the rocket stove.

Step 5:

And right here, this little things, that's where you put your pot or pan on, so it's perfect. Actually, I'm pretty amazed how it turned out. Really like it, and it's pretty light-weight, ball-like, I don't know. Maybe a pound or two. Let's get the fire going and let's see if it works or not. Next thing I have to do is just get bunch of little twigs and light them up. Once it start burning you wanna put some little twigs in there, to get it going slowly.

Once the fire is going well, you can put bigger and bigger sticks in there, so that way you can keep it going, and they can stick out like that, on the outside. So that way you can just push them in a little bit further, when you have to, but you don't wanna block the entrance here too much, so don't stuff it too much. And this is how you're going to put the part on boom, just like that. And is going to keep burning. So this what the flame is going to go through to the sides and get the pan really hot and very easily. So this is how you make a rocket stove out of cans.