Introduction: DIY Roku Channel

About: Roku Ninja is a Roku Content Management System owned and managed by the team at Moore Studios. The application was designed around the idea that we should be able to build Roku channels quickly and easily. Man…

This is a quick overview on how to build your own Roku channel with Roku Ninja – a DIY Roku Channel web software. Roku Ninja is a tool to build and manage video and audio on the Roku platform. It's great for content creators, publishers and more. These instructions are for both public and private channels.


Graphic interface to build and brand your Roku Channel. (no programming required)

Drag and Drop media management.

Theme and Color scheme ready.

Publish Private or Public Channels within Roku Ninja.

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Step 1: Start Building Your Channel -

We will ask you some simple questions to help you start building your channel. (Things like name of the channel, description, etc.)

Step 2: Themes and Colors

Now you will choose a theme. You can start from a pre-built theme and customize it to your liking.

Step 3: Graphic Interface

You have access to all the tools to fine-tune your Roku channel. From adding videos, to setting up your live streamed event; you will find what you need here.

Step 4: Drag-and-Drop Content Management

Start adding and managing your content with a simple drag-n-drop media management interface.

Step 5: Publishing Your Roku Channel

Lastly, you will want to publish your channel to the Roku Channel Store. You can login to Roku and do this from the application. Don't have a Roku Developer Account? Sign up for your free account.

Quick DEMO Video on how to build your own Roku channel.

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