DIY Fauxlags



Introduction: DIY Fauxlags

I don't have a drum carder, blending board, or even hand carders---all things that help/are needed for preparing fibers for being spun into yarn. Fiber is unspun yarn, yarn is spun fiber. Rolags are a method of preparing fiber for spinning by using hand carders to make rolls of fiber. The hand carders straighten the fiber out, lining everything up in a more uniform position which creates a more woolen yarn.

As mentioned, I have none of the above tools, so this Instructable is actually going to show you how to make fun rolags (or fauxlags) with batts and roving that have already been carded.

Step 1: BoM


Embellishments (Angelina Fibers, beads, sequins, yarn, etc.)

Dowel, chopstick, knitting needle etc.

Step 2: Lay Out

How much fiber you lay out will dictate how big your rolags will be. You don't need a lot of fiber to make a rolag. But you do want to make sure to fluff and lightly spread the fibers before rolling. Also, keep the fibers close together, they can even overlap. In the last two pictures you can see where I laid Angelina Fiber over the wool.

Step 3: Roll

Rolling is really best with two hands. You don't really have to do anything, just roll your dowel and the fibers will do the rest. The purple and pink was done one handed and you can see that the layers are not has cohesive as we'd like. The pink and yellow was done with two hands and is much more together. I will also say that knitting needles are very slippery.

Step 4: Spin

Now that you've made your rolags, you're ready to spin! You can spin your rolags as is or pre-draft them to make it a little easier to get going. See this Instructable on spinning your own yarn using drop spindles.

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