Introduction: DIY Roland Boutique Wooden Side Panels

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To make your own Roland Boutique side panels is surprisingly easy, you just need the following;

Wood Panels that have a height of 4cm. For my version I used an old prawn packet from Lidl, maybe you could use an old cigar or whisky box. Sometimes Strawberries are sold in these packets to. If not, a home supply store will sell wood with a height of 4cm. The one I'm using has a thickness of 0.7cm.

Screws: As the wood I'm using was 0.7cm thick, I've had to use larger screws than those that came with the boutique originally. The type I used were M3x10mm, if you use a thicker wood you may have to try M3x12 or m3x14 maybe. Small stands require x5 screws, larger stands with the keyboard attachment need x7.


Drill Bits: I think I mainly used size 2 and 5



To stain the wood I used;

Mahogany Wood Stain


Step 1: Make It

Easy, right? From here you're only a couple of steps away from building a fully DIY Boutique stand. Good Luck!

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