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Introduction: DIY Rose Double Cross Loom Bracelet

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This double cross loom bracelet is fairly easy. If you are able make a fishtail, you can probably make this cross loom bracelet without a problem. I did this with just two color rubber bands, purple and white, decorated with some flowers. Prepare the below jewelry making supplies and let's get started!

Step 1: Supplies:

Purple Rubber Band

White Rubber Band

Rubber Loom Hook

Flower Acrylic Beads


Step 2:

1st, take a purple band, twist it to make a figure 8 and place it onto two pegs of the loom, then place another two purple bands on the two pegs above previous band;

Step 3:

2nd, use a hook to pull bottom right band up and loosen it, do the same with the left;

Step 4:

3rd, add another purple band to the top of the two pegs, repeat the process until get your desired length, now you have finished the fishtail bracelet;

4th, remove the fishtail bracelet out of pegs to the hook, take a purple and a white band and slip your hook in, pinch and pull the end of fishtail to the two bands;

Step 5:

5th, pull down the white band, and slip fishtail with white band to the hook as picture shows, then take another white band, pinch and pull the fishtail to the band, thread hook through fishtail to another end of white band;

Step 6:

6th, repeat it, when get the middle of fishtail, thread a white band to a blue flower, continue to loom two white bands, then add a green flower bead on, do it in the same way;

Step 7:

7th, continue to loom the rest half white bands until get to the end of fishtail, take another white band, pinch and pull the cross loom bracelet to the band, then use an s-clip to attach both ends.

Step 8: Done!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Office supplies Beware !!

    I'm probably one of the few males that will take a look. At first I thought that was some sort of plastic cord. No Idea that was elastics! Sweet Job !