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Introduction: DIY: Rosette and Lace - Refashioned Tee

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I simply cut the strip, gathered a few beads, a section of lace ... and got this after less than 30 minutes.

You could visit my blog to see what the washing machine did that made me create this refashion project.

Step 1: Materials

Plain top
1 strip of t-shirt
Pearl and clear beads
Sewing needle and thread

Step 2: Cut Hem

NOTE: You may want to practice the steps and see if you like how your rosette looks before attempting to sew it into position.

Cut the bottom of your tee (the hem) to yield a 36cm strip. You can use a longer strip to make a bigger flower or a shorter one to make a smaller flower.

Step 3: Fold and Sew

Fold down to create a triangle at one of the ends. Sew into position.

Step 4: Crease and Sew

3. Crease the lower part of the strip and fold it towards the triangle. Sew into position.

Step 5: Crease and Sew Again

Crease at a lower part along the strip again, this time a further distance away from the 2nd crease. Sew into position.

Step 6: Turn and Sew

Turn the strip towards the first triangle to cover the bottom part of the triangle. Sew into position.

Step 7: Crease, Turn, Cover and Sew

Crease and turn it anti-clockwise. The first triangle should be partially covered. Sew into position.

Step 8: Fold and Sew

Fold the strip down while turning the strip anti-clockwise. Sew into position.

Step 9: Continue

Continue folding and turning at random and sew into position. You should get a rosette that looks something like this. It's ok if your rosette looks lightly different from mine. That's the beauty of it!

Step 10: Sew Rosette and Bead

Sew the rosette onto your plain top. Don't sew it all around the edges because we need to add the lace! Sew beads to the centre.

Step 11: Cut Lace

Get a section of lace.

Step 12: Fold Lace

Fold the straight edge of the lace left and right like an accordion. Sew it in place.

Step 13: Tuck and Sew

Tuck the folded bit of the lace into a corner of the rosette. Sew it in place.

Step 14: Tuck Ends and Sew

Tuck the 2 ends of the lace under the rosette and sew it in place.

Step 15: Done

There you have it, a t-shirt flower with lace as its leave. (^_^)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    omg that is sooo cool, i wanna make one to give my aunts, but im a little confused about the creasing, i'll have to practice first. :D


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Great instructable! I made a small rosette, backed it with a bit of red felt and added a pin back to wear on a sweater. I plan to make more rosettes to embellish hats, headbands, bags or scarves I can give as gifts. Thanks!


    12 years ago on Step 4

    What do you mean crease the lower part and sew??? I am getting really confused and it looks like such an awesome make!


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Oh gosh i'm so sorry that you're getting all confused from my instructions! Ok, you see how you have one long strip of fabric? imagine that there is a long horizontal line running across it. this is the division of the 'upper' and 'lower' parts. so basically you try to fold just a bit of the strip as it goes around to form the flower. the creases are what makes up the centre of the flower. please do let me know if you still can't get it. i will draw a picture to illustrate instead. good luck! :D