Introduction: DIY Rotating Blocks Puzzle

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Have you seen those "Educational toys" for kids? They are meant to increase cognitive as well as analytical ability in children.

So, I wanted to try and make a thrifty block puzzle that kids could play with, using just paper and a box.


  1. Cardboard box/ Carton:
    • Length: 23 cm (at least)
    • Width: 17 cm (at least)
    • Height: 6 cm (at least)
  2. Papers and Card-stock (Aim for higher gsm. The thicker the better!)
  3. 4 Images (Printed/drawn):
    • Length: 17 cm
    • Width: 17 cm
  4. Paper cutter
  5. A pair of Scissors
  6. Glue.
  7. Scale
  8. Pencil or Marker

Step 1: Paper Straws

  1. Cut A4 size papers into long 6cm strips.
  2. Roll the paper strips into straws with the help of a pencil. (photo 3)
  3. Make 5 such paper straws.

Step 2: Block Cubes

  1. Make a cube of 3 cm length out of card-stock. (Normal paper would do too)
  2. Make holes on the top and bottom faces of the cube using a cutter. (See photos 4 and 6)

Your paper straw should be able to go through both the holes in the cubes. So, make sure the hole is big enough and is placed in the center.

Make 25 such cubes.

Step 3: Add Images

Print 4 of your desired images of length and width 17 cm each. (Alternatively you can also draw them like me. Choice is up to you.)

You may also print numbers so that your child can learn to count while solving the puzzle.(You're the boss!)

  • Assemble the cubes (see photos 2 to 5) and paste on 1 image as a whole.
  • After the glue dries, Use a cutter to cut the image to separate the cubes. (photo 6)

The images might be bigger than the size of the cube structure. See photo 4.

So consider some margin for error and cut the parts of the image that overshoot the size, later.

  • Turn each cube to the right or left without disturbing the sequence, to expose an empty face of the cube.
  • Paste a new image on these and repeat the process.
  • Do this for all 4 images.

Now we have 25 cubes with images on 4 faces and holes on the top and bottom faces.

Step 4: Paper Kebabs

Maintaining the sequence of the cubes, insert the 5 paper straws through each column of the cube structure.

Your Paper Kebabs are ready!

Step 5: Preparing the Box

  1. Take a Cardboard box/Carton of:
    • Length: 23 cm (at least)
    • Width: 17 cm (at least)
    • Height: 6 cm (at least)
  2. Remove the top of the box.
  3. On both the sides that measures 23 cm in length, draw a rectangle in the center. The rectangle should have a length of 21 cm and width of 1 cm. See photo 2.
  4. Remove the rectangles with the help of a cutter. (photo 3)
  5. Cover the carton with paper. (photo 5)
  6. You can add some color to add some beauty.

Step 6: Assemble

Insert your Paper Kebabs into the box.

Your rotating block puzzle is ready!

Step 7: Play!

Rotate the cubes to solve the puzzle.

Hope your kids enjoys solving the puzzle.

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