Introduction: DIY Rower

The rowing machine is one of the better fitness machines for cardiovascular training. Nevertheless the rowing machine is as well and maybe even better than other fitness machines. On a rowing machine you strengthen your arms, legs, stomach, back and other muscles.

The total cost of this rowing machine is around 80 dollar.

Step 1: Step 1: Getting the Tools

you will need

6 Nylon wheels

2 bicycle handles

1 18cm Tube

Bicycle rubber bands

2x 15cm metal angle

5x5x150 Square metal profile for the rail

2m Rope


18mm Birch or other plywood.

Thik EVA foam for the Seat

Step 2: Step 2: Cutting to Size

I have added a DXF and a PDF files that can be used either manually or on a CNC milling machine in your local Fablab. The Red lines are a 45 degrees Chamfer. If you work by hand I recommend taking an extra 5mm just in case to be sure.

When you are drilling the Holes, Make sure That the pieces fit. if you are drilling in metal use a Drill bit that is slightly larger then the bolt you are gonna use.

Step 3: Step 3: Assebly

Now this is the longest step.

while most parts connect quite intuitively, you will need some help when you are connecting the legs, because of the angle. first connect the legs to each other then connect them both to the flat board.

On all connections, I have used both wood glue and regular bolts.

Very Important - After assembling the seat make sure it moves freely on the Rail, and it doest clamp or shake when you sit on it.

you can see a red line that I added on the plywood, it was strictly a styling choice, I have cut a piece of 0.5mm plastic and glued it into the slot.

Step 4: Step 4 : It Is Done

The Rower can be stored vertically, by simply removing The Front piece by pulling the metal pin holding it, and placing in upside down on top of the back piece as shown in the photo.

You can Paint or Wax The wood at this point.

Enjoy your workout.

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