Introduction: DIY Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table

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I'm back with another Farmhouse style dining table. Except this time i change it up, and instead of the standard "X" or "H" style, I add some curves to the base.

Recomended Tools

Step 1: Top Glue Up : Mill Stock

Choose your wood. If using reclaimed remove all of the nails, if you cannot remove them hit them below the face of the wood.

Step 2: Top Glue Up : Glue Up and Flatten

Glue up top in thirds. After drying relief cut the bottom if there is still any twice. Use a planer sled to flatten bottom of 3 sections. Glue up whole top. Then once dry cut the table to size.

Step 3: The Base : Cut Lumber Down to Rough Size

Mill down stock for base, rough cut, joint, plane, and saw to size.

Step 4: The Base : Glue Up Pedestal Parts

Glue up parts for the pedestal. Let dry, then flatten and square with the jointer, planer, and mitre saw.

Step 5: The Base : Joinery and Curves

Mark the curves on the blanks for the pedestal. Layout joinery for the mortises, and cut with domino or dowel. Then proceed to cut the curves on the bandsaw. Smooth on oscillating spindle sander and with hand sander. Glue up using the cutoffs from the bandsaw.

Step 6: The Base :Assembling the Feet

Measure out lap joints on table feet. Cut on mitre saw or with table saw. Join crosses with glue and screws. Mark out and cut chamfer on feet.

Step 7: The Base : Joinery

Joint and glue up sub base. Layout and cut joinery for posts. Pre- drill and countersink for curves joinery. Join with 3" screws

Step 8: Final Sanding and Finish

Sand top and fill any voids with epoxy. Sand dried epoxy and then finish with favorite finish. Attach your top and you're done!

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