DIY Rustic Frame




Introduction: DIY Rustic Frame

These steps will instruct you on how to repurpose a wooden frame to look rustic with flowers. This project gives you a lot of freedom to place the decorations in any location and quantity. Have fun and let your imagination soar!


o A wooden frame of any size (make sure the edges are thick enough to cover)

o Sticks*

o Fake moss

o Your favorite fake flowers

o Wire cutter

o Hot glue gun (Use Caution)

o Hot glue gun sticks

*Note: I could not find sticks at the craft store so I opted to take apart a wreath made out of sticks. If you are able to find enough sticks for your frame you can skip Step 1.

Step 1: Take Apart the Wreath

Start cutting sticks off of the wreath making sure you have various lengths.

Step 2: Measure the Sticks and Cut Stems

Be sure that the sticks are about the same length or shorter than the edge of the frame. You can cut them as you go, but having them almost right helps make the process easier. If your sticks have stems cut them with the wire cutter.

Step 3: Glue Down the First Layer of Sticks

Take your sticks and start to create one layer around the frame carefully using the hot glue gun. It is easier to put the glue down on the frame and press the sticks into the glue. *Caution: the glue will be hot* Cut the sticks as necessary with a wire cutter if they begin to hang off the frame or to make them fill in empty spaces. Do not worry about leaving some wood exposed (this adds to the look), cover as much as possible. Make sure to let the first layer of glue dry before moving on to step 3.

Step 4: Layer on the Sticks

Repeat step 2 until you have the amount of layers that you prefer. I did one because my frame was already pretty thick. Thinner frames may look better with more sticks; it is up to you! Making sure to let the previous layer dry so that the sticks do not slide around. Let dry.

Step 5: Plan Out and Add the Moss

Take small piles of moss and glue it wherever you think is necessary. It helps to lay the moss out first before gluing. Try not to use too much so that the frame is not overwhelmed with moss. Let dry.

*Tip: You can use the moss to cover up any open spaces that sticks were too hard to fill in*

Step 6: Plan Out and Add Flowers

Cut the flowers with the wire cutter so there is barely any stem. Plan out where you would like the flowers to be. I prefer to put them on the corners. Glue down the flowers. Let dry.

Step 7: The Finished Product

Add your art and the finished product should look something like this!

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    Nice. This would fit perfectly with the decorations in my daughters room. Thanks for the idea.