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Introduction: DIY Rustic Lounge Chair

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This is how i did this funtional furniture, dedicated to people who like to read books in a comfotable place. The design should be rustic and eco style.

The main estructure is made of reusable pallet planks and the upholstered is made of fabric swatches.


  • Wood planks (125cmX8,5cmX2cm).
  • 50x 8 mm Dowels.
  • 4x 60cmx2,5cm broom-sticks.
  • 12cmx60cm fabric rectangles.
  • wood screws.


  • Drill and drill wiks.
  • Secrew driver.
  • Hand Saw.
  • Scissors.

  • Sander.

Step 1: Desing in Fusion 360.

With my poor experience in Fusion 360 I imagined the shape of an armchair and started to draw all the parts with the tool Create a Sketch. after finishing the sketches with the Extrude Tool I made them all have the same thickness as the wood planks.

Since I was having a very fun and bearable experience, I made the first details such as the dowels, their holes and the crossbars.

For the seat angles i used anthropometric scales to ensure comfort.

In conclusion look for a mid-century style with which to make the chair. Regarding fusion I had a very good experience and the tutorials helped me a lot.

Step 2: Preparing for the Render

First I put all the pieces in place and used the appearance tool to add pine texture to it.

To make the render I had the idea of showing the parts of the chair, so i duplicated the chair and began to disassemble it and leave its pieces arranged for the render.

Step 3: Rendering

To render your desing you must change the workplase to render.

Let´s start rendering , first I set up the scene and aim the camera correctly and then the render settings like this. That may take a few minutes or hours, it depends on your PC.

Many wonder why a render, It´s helps me a lot because I always do things very small or very large and it is also very good to see your design in this way.

Step 4: Prepare ,cutting and Assembling

As they were pallet planks they were badly damaged, so i sanded it with a sander. For the cut draw all the measurements on the wood and with a saw cut them.the legs of the chair were twice as thick so I joined two planks together with screws.

The assembling, In the assembly I joined two planks with screws because the legs are twice the thickness of the planks and I joined the upper part with those of the sides with dowels like in the desing.

I put the seat together with screws and made the holes of the diameter of the broomstic (crossbar).

Step 5: Upholstered

I disassembled fabric swatches to cut the fabric into 12cmx16cm rectangles and make a hole in the middle to pass the broomstick. I arranged the fabrics like this dividing them into 4 so that they can all have all the fabric designs.

Finally I put the sticks with the fabrics on the seat.

Step 6: Final

I was very satisfied with the final result.

Download Fusion 360 File!

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    3 months ago

    So nice! Does the fabric provide padding or is it mostly for looks? :)

    Rocco Pizzorno
    Rocco Pizzorno

    Reply 3 months ago

    Yes, it provide padding. Thanks!