DIY SCUBA Soft Weight




Introduction: DIY SCUBA Soft Weight

What I wanted to try to accomplish is a DIY SCUBA soft weight. These weights run $5 per pound and up!!

I have a source for small quantities of bird shot ( A friend reloads) (YES I have a friend, or maybe two)

The material is an old pair of blue jeans. (YES I know they are BLACK) They are from our son, who only wears black.


Cut the leg off the pants, now he can have a pair of shorts !!!!

Take and cut the leg into sections. Mine are different sizes as I am trying to see which work for different size weights. I am thinking of making up to 5 lb pouches.

Take one of the sections and cut off one side of the "Factory" seam, save the seam piece you just cut off.

I trimmed it down to about 5 inches.

Step 2: SEWING

Take your pouch and sew up the sides. and turn it inside out.

Remember the piece of seam material I told you to keep?? go get it out of the trash!!

I plan on putting clips on the smaller weights, these are often used as trim weights to see where you need more weight and how much.

I got these clips from recycling other stuff,(FREE) or you can buy some at your local hardware store.


Borrow your wife's kitchen scale and measure out how much weight you want.

Since I am using real small bird shot, (hey it was free), I will put the shot in a zip locking bag and then stick it in the pouch.

This scale is accurate to 1/8 of an ounce. Pretty close.

I had to split this weight down to one pound as two pounds didn't fit well into the pouch.


Place the bag with your measured amount of shot into the bag.

And use the piece of seam to form a loop to secure the clip.

Sew it all closed!!

We had issue with regular sewing machine sewing through so many layers of jean material. Use a jeans needle and a heavy nylon thread, Carpet thread if you can find it.

Go slow !!

If you have access to a heavy duty machine it would be easier.

I am going to look into a thinner material. Maybe blue jean shirt, Any suggestions, please add them in comments.
I am looking to do this as cheaply as possible, and I like to recycle, upcycle, so buying brand new, hi tech material would make it cost prohibitive.

Thanks for looking at my instructable !!!!!

If you make or have made similar please post pictures!!

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    4 years ago

    My thought was that using a plastic bag means that you are trapping air(buoyant) in with the weight. What about using the fabric type of window screen material so that water goes in but no shot comes out?


    4 years ago

    would vacuum sealing the shot into the pouches work better than a ziplock?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I was planning on going this route when I first started diving. I was going to use reclaimed shot (since the US Gov't requires shotgun ranges to clean the lead off from their fields ever so often) since it is cheap. Then I saw the lead oxide stream come off from soft weights when they came out of the water and decided to go with solid weights. I cast my own and powder coat them.


    6 years ago

    Wouldn't it be black jeans then?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I would add the loop to the pouch even if you don't have a clip. It would be easy to add a clip or key ring later, and it makes them easier to hang up for drying and or storage. Just an after thought.