DIY Samsung SmartCam HD Birdhouse Enclosure




Introduction: DIY Samsung SmartCam HD Birdhouse Enclosure

I have a few Samsung security cameras on and in my house. However, I wanted one at my front door and one at my back door. From a wiring perspective, there wasn't a good way to achieve this, so I decided to use the old "camera in a birdhouse" trick. From a distance, it just looks like a decorative birdhouse, but tucking a refurbished Samsung wireless camera was a cheap way to get video to my smartphone with motion alerts.

Please note that this is not a tutorial on how to build a birdhouse, only showcases how I integrated my security cameras into the birdhouse on a pedestal.

Step 1: What You Need:

For the birdhouse that was not as protected to the elements, I used a camera UV filter to cover the opening

For the custom pedestal, I used threaded pipe:

  • 48" X 3/4" Threaded Pipe
  • 3" x 3/4" Threaded Pipe
  • 2" x 3/4" Threaded Pipe
  • 3/4" T-Connector
  • 2 X 3/4" Pipe Flange
  • 3/4" Stainless Steel Screws

Step 2: Build the Birdhouse

The birdhouse kit that I used had an opening for the camera that was slightly smaller than necessary. I used a dremel tool to widen the gap slightly, but it's almost a perfect fit. I may end up using silicon to permanently attach the camera, but for now, it fits tight enough not to fall out.

Step 3: Build the Pedestal

This is optional, but a pretty cheap method for getting the birdhouse mounted off the ground.

I originally looked for decorative pedestals to mount the birdhouse to, but didn't find anything that I liked. I decided to build my own using 3/4" pipe, mainly so that I could hide the USB cable inside the pipe. Using a T-Connector, I was able to provide an exit for the USB cable at the bottom of the pedestal. Once of the birdhouse security cameras was sitting under a porch, and protected mostly from the elements. However, the second one was not as protected, and I used primer and paint to cover the threaded pipe.

Step 4: Plug It in and Magic Occurs

I built 2 of these. One for my front door and one for my back door. I did have power near each of these locations in a weatherproof socket. I have motion detection for my front door enabled, so I know when someone is at my door and I can look at them using the Samsung SmartCam app. I'm happy with the results!

*** For the camera that I used the filter, I had to disable night vision. The Filter basically just reflected the Infrared LED's, and you couldn't see anything. I have a motion detection on the outside lights, so for me, disabling the night vision was acceptable while using the UV filter to protect the camera from the weather.

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    5 years ago

    Where's the bird drone?


    5 years ago

    Nice project but why not build the bird house and install the camera on the top like a dormer and then you can see anybody approaching the house and birds using the bird house all in one. Just an idea.


    5 years ago

    Nice idea ... but please let us know the first time you get a "motion detection" event from a confused bird trying to climb through the lens :)