Introduction: DIY Sanding Drill Bit

This is a very simple tool to make that is hard to find if yoou try to buy it, this is a replacement to drum sanders but easier to replace the sandpaper leaving a nice finish in corners and edges of any project

For the materials is easy, you just need a nail and sandpaper, the diameter of the nail is 6.5mm but the dimensinons are not really important, the sandpaper can be the grit that you desire

And for the tools you need a metal hacksaw, sandpaper, a drill and a file

Step 1: Cut to Size

First you need to cut the nail to size this doesn't have to be exact but around 70mm, if you want it biger you can is totally up to you, once you finish with cutting leave a nice finish on the ends of the rod with a file this is so you don't cut yourself with the sharp edges

Step 2: Cut the Groove

This step is the hardest of all the build, you have to cut groove in the center of the rod and as perpendicular as you can, with the hacksaw is not too hard but it takes time, apply oil to lubricate often this will make the Cut much faster and less harmful for the saw, the groove have to be as deep as you desire, the deeper the more sanding surface and the bigger the sandpaper has to be, a good size is 15mm

Step 3: Finishing

With the help of the file make a chamfer on the groove we just cut to make it easier to slide the sandpaper, and if you want you can place the rod on the drill and spin it against a sanding sponge to leave a shiny finish

Step 4: Prepare the Sandpaper

This is the part you can easily change once the sandpaper is worn or to change the grit. To start cut a rectangle of 70mm * 15mm (15mm is the depth of the groove we made in the second step).

Slide the sandpaper in the groove a bit offset form the middle and if it looks too loose make the rectangle 140mm and fold it in half.

Step 5: Conclusion

This project has the benefits of being easy and fast perfect for one day project or less, since I made it use it really is faster than normal sandpaper and easy to replace the sandpaper not like the sanding drums that are not as cheap as Sandpaper

It is also an excellent match igniter just cut the band that is on the side of the match box (is not really eficient but really fun)

Thanks for reading my post I hope you like it and any question I will answer it in the comments ASAP

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