Introduction: DIY Scratch Art

Hi!! Today I'm going to show you how to make scratch art. I made bookmarks and cards, but you can make a lot more things with scratch art, for example picture frames, laminated coasters, etc.

I hope you like this 'ible and please comment if you have any ideas!

Step 1: Supplies and Cutting

You'll need:

1. Card (plain or patterned)

2. Felt tips

3. A crayon (white if you have one as it wont make the card a different colour, but I only had colour crayons so I used them instead)

4. Black paint (or another colour if you want, but I think that black if more effective, and it's also the colour they use on the scratch art you can but in the shops)

5. Scissors

6. A medium sized paintbrush

What you want to do first is cut up your card into the shapes you want, I cut out 2 small cards from plain card and 3 bookmarks from patterned card.

Step 2: Colour

Colour in some patterns using felt tips on the plain card if you are using any. It doesn't really matter if they are a little messy; most of it will be covered up anyway. You could even write a message for someone else to uncover.

If you are using patterned card then obviously you don't need to colour in it, but you could write something on it, or add something on it.

Step 3: Using the Crayon

Now you need to draw over the whole piece of card with a crayon. make sure you cover the whole area or the paint will stick to the card (this happened to one of my cards) the thicker the layer of crayon is the better. I found that the fatter crayons worked really well.

Step 4: Paint

Now all you need to do is paint over the layer of crayon with.......paint! Make sure that you paint in thin coats, and let the paint dry in between each coat. I needed 2 coats, but if you are using a lighter colour paint then you will probably need more. You can stop painting when you can't see the pattern anymore. However, be careful that you don't do too many coats as then it will be hard to scratch off. The maximum amount of coats should be about 4 or 3

Step 5: Scratch!!!

When the paint is dry your scratch art is ready to scratch! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this 'ible! If you have any ideas or questions, just comment :)