Introduction: DIY Scroll Saw Cut Plywood Name Sign

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If you do not own a scroll saw and you have no idea what this versatile piece of equipment can do for you this is the place to find out. I am new to the scroll saw bandwagon but I have got to tell you I have seen some masters at work with these fantastic saws.

The projects you can create with these types of saws are unlimited. It is capable of very intricate designs and curves. Similar to a band saw but where a band saw blade is a loop the scroll saw blade is straight and connects on to both ends of the saw itself.

As I am relatively new to the scroll saw arena I thought I would try a simple name sign. This Nana sign was the end result and I was somewhat happy with the way it turned out. My mother loved it and displays it proudly in her kitchen. It is made from scraps of 1" MDF plywood that I had lying around so it cost me very little to make. It makes a great gift or Valentines Day gift idea that's truly from the heart because it was handmade and painted by you.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1" MDF Plywood 24 X24"

4-5 colors Acrylic paints any color you choose

8-10 1 1/2 " wood screws

Step 2: Hardware Needed

Scroll Saw


1/4" drill bit

Assortment of Artist Paint Brushes

pencil or marker


sander with fine sanding paper


Step 3: Cutting the Letters

  1. take your 24 X 24" 1 MDF plywood board and with a pencil make you first letter 6" high and 3.5 inches wide "N" repeat this step for the last letter on your sign "A"
  2. For the two middle letters use your pencil and make them around 4 inches high by 3 inches wide "a" "n"
  3. For this next step take the blade off of your scroll saw.
  4. Take your drill with the 1/4" bit attached and place it in the center of your "A where the triangle of the "A:" meets. drill from the front all the way through to the backside.
  5. Take your scroll saw blade and put it through the hole you just drilled on your letter, attached the scroll saw blade top and bottom to make the inside cut. Make the inside cut and the finish cutting the outside of, your letter.
  6. Once your letter is cut repeat step 4 and 5 for the next letter, keep repeating the steps until all of your letters have been cut

Step 4: Painting Your Letters

  1. once all of your letters are cut you need to use a sander and remove all the rough edges (if any)
  2. once you have sanded each letter lay some newspaper down and prime each letter with a nice big brush let dry
  3. once dry repeat the step 2 and do the back side let dry
  4. once dry prime all the ends so that no piece of the wood is showing once it is completely dry we can begin coating the letters with acrylic paint
  5. use a nice thick brush to put a layer of paint on the letters make sure there is enough paint to cover
  6. repeat if necessary
  7. add final details any cute or artsy details you would like on each piece
  8. let dry

Step 5: Making the Base

  1. Cut a 2"x2" 12 " strip from your left over plywood 24x24"
  2. sand it around the edges, if you would like you could sand it so a rounded edge is at the top of the base
  3. prime it let dry
  4. paint it, let dry
  5. repeat step 4

Step 6: Attaching the Letters

  1. place your base top side down on a level surface
  2. with a pencil space and mark your letters by marking where each one starts and each one ends at each point
  3. in the center of your points drill a hole in the direct center 1/2 way through the base each letter will have two drill points
  4. once all of your drill points are complete it's time to attach the letters
  5. place your letters where they will go and with 1/12 inch screws screw directly to the letter center through the base
  6. repeat step 5 for all your letters
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