Introduction: DIY Scrunchie ♡

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Please note, the following Instructables has two parts. The first part is how to make a scrunchie with a sewing method, and the second part is a non-sewing method. Enjoy!

This Instructables is a collaboration with @shammu_2001. ♡

Step 1: Materials for Sewing..

- fabric

- thread

- hairtie

- scissors

(a sewing machine can also be used for this project.)

Step 2: Sewing Method: Step 1

First, take some fabric, I advise using fabric that is stretchy like T-Shirt material so that it is easy to use the final product. For the fabric, you may use any measurements you want and remember, the longer the fabric, the "scrunchier" it will be.

Tip: take the fabric and wrap it around the elastic/hair tie to get a general idea of what it would look like.

Step 3: Sewing Method: Step 2

Once you have your measurement take the back/"bad side" of the material facing you and fold it over with two corners, inside the hair tie. Then take the corners of the fabric and use the needle to do a "hemming stitch" and stitch the sides.

Step 4: Sewing Method: Step 4

Take the fabric and turn it inside out, so that the "bad side" is shown. Lastly, stitch the ends of the scrunchie together to secure it.

Step 5: Non-Sewing Method: Step 1

Firstly, you will need to select any type of fabric. For example, shirt, curtain fabric etc.

Step 6: Non-Sewing Method: Step 2

Secondly, trace a rectangle on your fabric with the length of 30 cm and the width of 5 cm. (This is the standard size but you can it make the size however you want but this is the preferable size that I would suggest.)

Step 7: Non-Sewing Method: Step 3

Once you have traced your rectangle, cut along the lines until you receive a rectangle cloth.

Step 8: Non-Sewing Method: Step 4

Try to find a circular object (like the one shown in the picture) and wrap your cloth around the object by inserting a hair tie around the circular object.

Step 9: Non-Sewing Method: Step 5

Finally, twist the top piece of the cloth and hot glue it with the bottom piece of the cloth. Repeat this process until all cloth is sealed by the top and bottom piece then you should have a scrunchie!

Step 10: Finished!

Step 11: Sample Video