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Introduction: DIY Sea Shell Bracelet

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A friend gave me a whole bunch of sea shells because she knew I'd love to have them. I was surprised and so happy to see that she has been collected these shells just for me!

Anyways, making bracelet was the first idea that popped in my head. Making holes on the shells was quite tricky since I don't have any jewelry drills. After a few failures I finally figured a way out to make the holes. It turned out pretty nice and you'll love the sound of the shells hitting each other.

Check out the ible :)

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this bracelet you'll need:

  1. Sea shells,
  2. Chain,
  3. Jump rings,
  4. Awl,
  5. Wooden board.

Step 2: Making Holes

At first you'll have to gather similar sized sea shells.

Use a pencil to mark the spot for the hole.

The sea shells I had were pretty thin so it didn't take much time to make holes in them. Place the sea shell on a wooden board, do not place the shell on hard surface. Gently rotate the awl on the marked spot and apply pressure carefully.

Step 3: Perfecting the Holes

Once the hole is made, turn the shell around. Again use the awl carefully to enlarge and give the hole a smooth round shape.

While making holes on the shell you might break some shells but don't worry. I broke 5 shells while making holes on them.

Continue making holes on the shells, it'll take around 18-22 shells for the bracelet

Step 4: Making the Bracelet

Done making holes on the shells? Great! Now attach jump rings with the shells through the hole. One jump ring for each shell.

Take the chain and start attaching the sea shells with the chain through the jump ring. Leave 2-3 connection rings in the start. Also make sure to leave 2-3 connection rings between 2 shells. Keep attaching the shells until it reaches the required length.

Step 5: Measuring and Attaching Closure

Use a ruler to measure if the bracelet has reached its required length.

Simply attach a closure, I used a lobster-claw for the closure!

You can also attach extra chains if you want to.

Use different kinds of seas shells for variation.


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    5 years ago

    Some of my shells have a natural hole in them. Thanks for explaining how to get a hole in the rest of them.

    ramya shree
    ramya shree

    7 years ago

    awesome! its beautiful and easy to make too!!

    ramya shree
    ramya shree

    7 years ago

    awesome! its beautiful and easy to make too!!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very creative . I just voted for it a while ago