Introduction: DIY - Seatbelt Cleaning

This panel slides up to be removed.

Step 1:

Remove this 14mm bolt. It is on there pretty strong. Make sure you have the right tools. A 1/2'' will do but needs some force.

Step 2:

Remove the side rubbers along the edge of the doors, front and rear. Also, the step with the LEXUS along it.

You do that in order to remove the lower and upper panel which are hiding the seatbelt.

Step 3:

You can remove these clips on both sides of the upper panel. Or using a molding remover, stick in between the panel and the car's body and it should click and release this upper panel.

Step 4:

Once you removed the 2 upper and lower panels, you can start removing the seatbelt.

Remove this 14mm bolt holding the top plastic part holding the seatbelt.

Step 5:

Remove this 14 mm bolt, and also there is another 10 mm bolt right above it (not showing in pic).

Step 6:

Remove these 2 cables from the seatbelt mechanism. The white cable has a tab and easily removes.

The yellow cable is a tiny exploding device(similar to an airbag, in case the seatbelt got stuck in an accident, it explodes to break free.) You can remove this by prying the black tab from under. WARNING!- Always make sure you have the battery disconnected before you work on similar devices.

Step 7:

This is to show how dirty the seatbelt is. After 130k miles of course, you can imagine the type of bacteria on this thing.

Step 8:

This is how dirty the water suddenly became when I dropped the seatbelt in it. Became almost muddy after using cleansing chemicals.

I used some very safe chemicals in order to have the seatbelt maintain and keep the fibers stay strong and intact with no deep damage.

I used some simple green, and after that some laundry detergent to make it smell fresh and nice again.

Step 9:

Roll the seatbelt like you would do wearing it. We will keep the springs intact on the sides, and disassembling them is not needed.

Once you roll it fully, like the picture, the seatbelt is tabbed in like a hook inside this cylinder.

Pry it using a screw driver from the tall end of the seatbelt towards the short tip.

Step 10:

Once that is done. You'll see this medal rod, this is what holds the tip of the seatbelt inside the cylinder from flying off.

Remove this rod, and you should have your seatbelt fully out to clean thoroughly and appropriately as a whole.

When you are done cleaning the seatbelt. Let it dry completely.

Then re-load the spring manually towards the side that doesn't click, re-engage the seatbelt and reverse the instructions from there.