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Introduction: DIY-Seed Packet Bookmarks

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This easy and fun craft is perfect for gardeners and anyone who has some seed packets laying around. You could use actual seed packets but I wanted a country antique look to my bookmarks so I've provided a full size PDF template that includes 3 old country seed packet designs. Let's get started!

Step 1: Print Out My Template

Make sure you print this at full size (100%). Just click the PDF below and print :)

Step 2: Pick Some Flowers

Go outside and pick whatever kind of flowers you like. You could pick flowers that match the colors of your bookmark or pick a petunia if you have a petunia seed packet. I just picked whatever flowers I liked the most.

Step 3: Begin Making Your Bookmark

Choose some papers that match your seed packets and glue everything in place. I had a solid background paper and then I placed a patterned paper off-center like a diamond and just lightly glued everything in place. Next, I used my paper trimmer to square up all the edges. I also used a glue stick to hold the flowers in place on the bookmark.

Step 4: Laminate Your Bookmarks

Laminate your bookmarks and then cut them out leaving about a 1/2 cm of extra lamination around the bookmark. Next, use a hole-punch to punch a hole in the center of the top of the bookmark and I used some thick twine and looped it through the hole. Thanks for viewing this instructable! Please comment, rate, follow, and make this easy craft :)

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