Introduction: DIY Seedplate for BIP39 Words

I searched for a safe, fireproof and easy way to store my 24-BIP39-Seed-Words of my cryptocurrency wallet.

I don't wanted to pay much money for a pre-printed steel plate as offered on some sites, so I decided to make a template by my own to create a durable storage for under 15€.


What you need:

- Metal-plate of your favour 20cm x 10cm x 2mm

(example:. V4A - AISI 304 steel plate)


- Center punch and a hammer

or an automatic center punch


- Soft pencil

- some tape

- a printer for printig the template

Time to create: ~ 30 Minutes per 24-word-plate

Step 1: Mark Your Words

Print template below two times without resizing and mark the first 5 letters of each word.

As the first four letters are unique in the BIP39 list: 5 letters are enough.

Edit 2-2021: Added an improved version of the template: Now with letters in the boxes.

Step 2: Tape and Punch

Cut out the template and fix with tape on the metal plate.

Punch all your dots and +-marks in the corners.

Reverse the plate if you have a 24-word-phrase. Mark the ++-marks on the bottom to mark on wich side you are.

Pull off the template-paper.

Step 3: Decode and Checking

Print template on foil, aling at the +-marks and read your words.

If correct punched: Burn your marked paper-template.


Put a fresh template-print on the plate. Push a pencil through the +-marks in the corners to align.

Fix with some tape an make a hatching with a soft pencil: Your punced holes appear as small dots on the paper.

If correct punched: Burn your marked paper-template.

Now you can store the plate on a save place and nobody will know what it is and you can sleep well.

Feel free to comment what could be improved.

Thanks for reading!

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