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Introduction: DIY SelfieBot

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Endurance presents DIY mobile driven robot.

Step 1: Getting Started. SelfieBot for Education. DIY Mobile Driven Robot.

Endurance opens source

code for schools, universities, for robotics camps of SelfieBot.

SelfieBot is a basic (stationary) telepresence robot that can be done by yourself (DIY SelfieBot).

SelfieBot DIY is a tool that turns your mobile device into a smart machine transforming into a mobile driven robot.

With a SelfieBot you may record a video and it will follows, tracks your face automatically. SelfieBot enables to attend a class remotely. SelfieBot is a perfect tool for interaction with a team members if some of them are far away.

Step 2: Everything You Need

The good thing is that: you can buy all parts and by following our guidance make your own robot. Improve it and share with others. Become part of SelfieBot community.

To make SelfieBot will not take a lot of time and special knowledge and Endurance is happy to provide with:

1. CAD firmware schematics

2. STL files for 3D printing

3. Microcontroller code

4. Android code

5. List of all parts that you need

Step 3: SelfieBot Features

Basic things that SelfieBot does:

Rotates a mobile device and tracks a face using Google API and our app.

Can be controlled remotely and allows to move in 2 axes.

We are also looking for upgrades and everyone is welcome to make and share with our community.

SelfieBot allows to improve your skill in robotics, ability to create your own robot based on the SelfieBot’s firmware/software. Join our society to become part of robotics community and enjoy of what you are doing with us.

We consider the following functions to improve in the nearest future:

- Compatible with iOS/Windows

- IR Marker Tracking System

- Wireless Charger

- 6000 mAh external Battery Bank

- Movement Sensor

- Voice-activated Control

Step 4: Conclusion

Our mission is to educate and encourage students and others by creating a friendly

robotics network and to empower them by providing the skills necessary to create and develop their own robots that will help people in the field of Education.

Hobbyists, students join us) Improve your skills, knowledge and get more experience with Endurance DIY SelfieBot.

We invite schools and universities to try SelfieBot as a part of a project for students.

We do it absolutely for free and therefore if anyone would like to donate something, please let us know:

George I Fomitchev

Founder of Endurance

+1 239 302 0053

+7 916 225 4302

Skype: george.fomitchev

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    When you record audio (voice in conversation), you need silence. I still use servos for rotating robot, but servos are noisy. I suppose stepper motor will be silent.

    If you have any questions, ask Sergey Mironov here (on or via