Introduction: DIY Servo Tester Arduino

I have a malfunction servo tester kept for a long time.It chalanged me to rebuild it to work again by applying mini Arduino controller unit.The old servo tester has a non programmable chip installed on compact circuit board.That's not so easy to do but finally it can be.Let's try to do it yourself.

In this instruction ,I used old frame of commercial servo tester,if you don't have ,just apply electronic parts on open DIY circuit board or prototype bread board.

This project cost less than 5 dollars.You can purchase electronic parts from Aliexpress, Banggod,Ebay,etc.

Project more :

Step 1: Materials and Tools


1. Arduino controller - UNO / Nano / Pro Mini 3.3V/5V

2. 3-LEDs (Different color)

3.1-Resistor 1 kOhm. 1/4 watt.

4.1-Resistor 100 Ohm. 1/4 watt.

5. 1-Diode 1N4001

6. Potentiometer B10K

7. 1-Push button

8. Dupont wires.

9. Battery 5-9 V.

10. PCB - DIY circuit board or prototype bread board.

11. Pin header.


1. Soldering gun.

2. Soldering wire.

3. Soldering paste.

4. Screw driver.

5. Plier.

6.Hot glue gun.

7.Screw , Bolt & Nut.

Step 2: Electronic Parts Installation & Wiring

Arduino Pro Mini pins No.

2 - Manual mode LED

4 - Nutral mode LED

6 - Auto mode LED

9 - Toggle push button input

10 - output signal to servo

A0 - input signal from potentiometer

Connect all parts together as pictures.Use soldering equipments and fix parts in place by hot glue gun.

The diode 1N4001 will protect Mini controller in case of servo short circuit or wrong pin header connection.

Step 3: Software Uploading

Arduino sketch :

1.Down load attached sketch file.

2.Comply and upload to Arduino mini controller.(This sketch can upload to Arduino UNO/Nano/Pro Mini 5V / 3.3V

3.Open Arduino software serial monitor to see output.

Test run all function, if hardware wrong installed or wiring mistake.Check and correct them.

The sketch have test on simulation and pass real running.Most of problems have been fixed.

Let's try.